Osteokaari is an osteopathic clinic of osteopath Tuomas Kaario in Lohja, Finland.

Each treatment session includes a careful clinical examination and selected treatments such as osteopathic treatments, movement therapies, massage and acupuncture. Treatment time is c. 30-45 minutes and one session costs 50 €.

Spinal and musculoskeletal problems and acute or long-term pain, for example headaches, neck and shoulder aches, are treated effectively with appropriate treatments.

Tuomas got a spark for his profession from his own extensive sport background. He has a good knowledge of  many sports and that’s why many athletes seek his therapy.

Tuomas has been rock and ice climbing for twenty years, competing in mountain and road cycling, as well as long-distance running for years. In 2008 he swam across the English Channel without a wetsuit. In July 2014 he succeeded swimming across the Gulf of Finland without a wetsuit. He has been  a pioneer in open and marathon swimming in Finland and still continues searching new swim challenges. More of Tuomas’s swims on his swimming website Uimalla yli (incl. Google Translator).

Address: Suurlohjankatu 21-23 C; Lohja
Booking: 0500-858007
Email: osteokaari (@)gmail.com